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Are you wanting to be whole, but struggling with what that looks like?  Are you wanting to achieve certain goals in your career, relationships, health, and well being but have no idea where to begin?  A life coach helps you navigate through your obstacles and barriers, uncovering and building upon strengths you already possess.  More often than not, we get in our own way.  A Life Coach provides the motivation and support along with the accountability needed to attain your goals.  Through effective communication and vulnerability trust, you will be able to embrace that version of yourself that has been waiting to be introduced to you.

Mountain Road


The Road Less Traveled serves a broad demographic catering to the aspirations of individuals for self development and growth.  Each client’s journey will be tailored to their needs for burgeoning and maturation. 

The initial client intake session will assess the client’s strong suits based on strength-based assessments and neuro-linguistic programming concepts. 

Ongoing sessions will have the client identify his/her aspirations, struggles, barriers, and areas of growth based on tools and techniques used by the life coach.  The life coach will assist and support clients in creating plans and identifying step-by step actions tailored to the client's learning style(s) as they are identified (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or a mixture).   Sessions will continue to uncover other areas that may reveal themselves followed by additional action plans for growth. 

Country Road


Group sessions are offered to provide an overview of what a life coach is.  Further, we delve into how this experience applies to an individual, along with the tools and techniques that are needed.  We create a safe environment that pushes you beyond your level of comfort. By cultivating growth and acheivement, you are able to propel vulnerability.

What is a Life Coach?: Services

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."


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