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Foggy Waters


A Guided Journey to Self Discovery and Transformation

The Road Less Traveled provides support for clients wanting to be whole, but struggling with what that looks like.  As a certified Life Coach, I will assist in building upon your strengths and maximizing your capability of living a purposeful life. Everyone has a dream.  Everyone has a vision.  The Road Less Traveled will help your growth towards your fullest capability and purposeful life. Championing you to aspire to bravely discover yourself for who you already are is nothing short of amazing.  Breaking through your own personal bondage that has held you captive from attaining your goals for fear of change, failure, or loss is empowering and awakening.  This journey of self discovery and transformation is owned by YOU, supported by myself, as your Life Coach through accountability and motivation.

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Jess DeVoe, Certified Life Coach

Something powerful happens when you decide to be whole.  What is whole?  For everyone, it is different.  For me?  Being whole is embracing all that I am and being all I can be, without holding back any part of me.  I'm living intentionally, present in every moment to truly feel that experience.   My journey has taught me to slow down forcing me to take in the lessons that are being shown to me in my every day walk.  

I was once living life as a broken individual.  Numb to my emotions and feeling empty inside.  I have always been a driven, goal oriented person, but I had lost my identity as Jess somewhere along the way.  I was defined by what I did, not who I was.  My sense of fulfillment during that time was seeking validation through others.  In a sense, I sought out permission to be myself.  I didn't know the first thing about finding myself.   

Through the help of my mentor, I had to get real uncomfortable with myself, practice self reflection and be completely honest with my self awareness.  With her guidance and support, I was able to break through my glass ceiling, embracing all of who I already was, but was afraid to be.  I know now the value of being vulnerable and how that speaks volumes to others.  Because I truly love myself, and have tapped into my fullest potential,  I am whole on my own.  This has afforded me the opportunity to be a light to others.  You can be whole!

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